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The Department provides the forms and notices park owners need to sell your mobile home park, raise the lot rent, and register your park(s), and has authority to enforce the mobile home park law. Our staff can answer questions and help with compliance with the law and rules.  If you need legal advice please contact an attorney.

Landlord Certificates

The Landlord Certificate / Statement of Lot Rent has changed. For more information or help contact the Vermont Department of Taxes or your Tax Advisor.  Do not call DHCD as we will not be able to answer tax questions.  The Vermont Department of Taxes Taxpayer Assistance Line can be reached at (802) 828-2865. 

Annual Registration

For results of the 2021 annual registration and park lists visit Facts and Park Registry.

Lot rent increases

Vermont law requires 60 days' notice to each leaseholder and the Commissioner on the Notice of Mobile Home Park Lot Rent Increase and Worksheet. Any increase more than one percent above CPI-Housing as determined by DHCD is eligible for mediation.

Based on CPI-Housing, the mediation percent for 2022 increased to 4.5%. Updated forms with the new percent for 2022 are available below. Using the wrong form will require re-issuing the increase on the correct form and may cause a delay and refunding any increased rent. 

Use the forms below for any lot rent increases. The department is happy to review any notices to ensure they are complete and accurate before you send them. Due to COVID, staff may be teleworking so please do not send notices via fax. The Commissioner's copy may be emailed to

Fillable rent increase form:  File will open in a new window. If necessary click View, Enable Editing to begin filling out the form. Tab to enter. Be sure to tab through the entire form, and "Save As" to your computer when finished. Print and give one copy to each leaseholder and one to the Commissioner.

Mobile Home Park Lot Rent Increase form (docx) 

Printable rent increase form:  Print and fill out completely. Give one copy to each leaseholder and one to the Commissioner.

Mobile Home Park Lot Rent Increase Notice (pdf) 

Owner's Affidavit for Capital Improvements Surcharge (pdf) - Required for any lot rent increase that includes a surcharge for capital improvements to recoup the cost of replacement or repair of any major infrastructure system costing more than $2,500.

Park sale

Vermont law requires 45 days’ notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to each mobile home owner and the Commissioner before selling a mobile home park. (*With exceptions for sales or transfers among family members, through foreclosure, to a trust solely benefiting a park owner’s family members, among partners who are owners, incidental to financing, among owners as joint tenants or tenants in common, pursuant to eminent domain, or pursuant to a municipal tax sale.) The law also requires a sale notice before closing a mobile home park unless certain conditions are met.

Forms effective April 12, 2013 (updated 8/23/2019). Failure to use the current forms may result in invalid notice and require a re-notification. Notice of Intent to Sell must be sent by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested. If refused or not deliverable the notice must be re-sent by First Class mail to the mobile home owner's last known mailing addres. The department is happy to review any notices to ensure they are complete and accurate before you send them.

Notice of Intent to Sell a Mobile Home Park forms and instructions (pdf) 

Notice of Intent to Sell a Mobile Home Park forms and Instructions (docx) If necessary click View, Edit Document to complete this form. "Save As" when finished. 

Park closure - Vermont law requires 18 months' notice by certified mail to each affected resident or leaseholder and the Commissioner before closing a mobile home park. Notice of Intent to Sell is required before issuing a closure unless the land owner files a notice in the land records stating that the property will not be sold for a period of five years from the closure notice. Contact us for the required forms and instructions. Failure to use the current forms may result in invalid notice and require a re-notification.

Leases - Vermont law requires written leases in mobile home parks. The minimum requirements for lot leases are outlined in the Housing Division Rules. Park owners are required to provide a copy of the current lease to any leaseholder upon request.

Model Vermont Mobile Home Park Lot Lease (docx) - Meets basic statutory requirements. 

Rent to Own

Under Vermont law, a executed Retail Installment Sales Contract that complies with 9 VSA Chapter 59 and a Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale are both required to transfer ownership under a rent-to-own or lease-purchase agreement. The Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale needs to be completed, executed, endorsed, and filed with the Town Clerk to transfer ownership to the buyer. If ownership is not transferred, the rent-to-own is considered a rental agreement meaning the "buyer" is a tenant with all of the rights and protections of Vermont landlord-tenant law.

Rules - The Housing Division Rules govern many aspects of owning and operating mobile home parks in Vermont, including the Rules for Mobile Home Park Warranty of Habitability.   

Other resources

Revised Above Ground Storage Tank Rules (AST's) went into effect on August 15, 2017. Aboveground Storage Tanks | Department of Environmental Conservation (

Are there Underground Heating Oil Storage Tanks (UST's) in your park that need removal?
Information on loans for removing, installating, and upgrading UST's is available from ANR's Waste Management Division.

Looking for grant or loan funds to help with your project? The Department of  Environmental Conservation may be able to fund your project through its Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, Clean Water Revolving Fund, or Petroleum Clean Up Fund. Summary of DEC Grant and Loan Programs

What are the rules about discrimination?
"Mobile Home Parks and Vermont's Fair Housing and Public Accommodations Act" (pdf)

HUD Programs

Manufactured Housing Installation Program

  • Applies to the initial set up of new manufactured homes, effective May 1, 2016
  • Installer licensing information and list of licensed installers
  • Inspection information and list of qualified inspectors
  • Mobile home retailer responsibilities and disclosures

HUD Office of Manufactured Housing Programs

  • Construction and Safety Program
  • Dispute Resolution Program
  • Installation Program
  • Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee

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