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Housing Division Rules

For easy reference, the key statutes, rules, regulations, and legislation that govern mobile homes, mobile home parks, and the Charitable Housing Tax Credit can be accessed below.  

The Vermont Capital Building with a large golden dome in early fall. Housing Division Rules - Effective July 1, 2016

Rules Cover (pdf)

Table of Contents (pdf)

Part I Mobile Home Parks (pdf)

Part II Mediation and Legal Services Payments and CPI for Lot Rent Disputes (pdf)

Part III Mobile Home Park Warranty of Habitability (pdf)

Part IV Administration of the Charitable Investment Tax Credit (pdf)


Act 140 of 2010 - An act relating to transfers of mobile homes and rent-to-own transactions. Section 4 requires this Act to be posted on DHCD's website.

Mobile Home and Mobile Home Park Laws

Mobile Home Park Act (10 VSA Chapter 153)

Mobile homes (9 VSA Chapter 72) – This includes rules related to the sale or transfer, price disclosure, mobile home uniform bill of sale, real estate deeds for mobile homes, and municipal action for the sale of abandoned mobile homes.

Sale or Transfer of Mobile Homes; Taxes (32 VSA Chapter 133 Section 5079)

Cooperative Housing Ownership Act (11 VSA Chapter 14) - Covers articles of association and bylaws for mobile home park cooperatives, membership, proprietary leases, and separate taxation of property tax.