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State Plans, Data and Rules

Three major planning activities are conducted by the State in connection with its receipt of federal funding for housing and community development activities.  These plans are developed with public input and further the State’s goals to provide decent, affordable housing, and build strong communities.

HUD Consolidated Plan

A five-year Strategic Plan and one-year Action plans that serve as the application for approximately $11 million in federal funding annually for community and economic development, affordable housing projects, and homeless assistance, and includes the state's priorities, objectives and desired outcomes.

Vermont Housing Needs Assessment

A study conducted every five years measuring the state's housing needs and gaps for homeowner and renter housing, housing for the elderly, and special needs housing, and projecting how these may change over a five-year period. The Housing Needs Assessment is used in developing the HUD Consolidated Plan.

Fair Housing and Anti-Discrimination

The state’s fair housing activities includes a study conducted every five years in connection with the HUD Consolidated Plan that identifies impediments (barriers) to fair housing choice in Vermont and lists possible remedies (actions) the State can take to address them.  In addition, the state facilitates fair housing training for municipal officials.

Housing Budget and Investment Report

An annual report required by statute describing the major State and federal funding sources used for housing development and housing assistance and subsidies, that is submitted to Vermont's General Assembly. 

Housing Division Rules

Administrative rules of the Department of Housing and Community Development for Mobile Home Parks, Mobile Home Park Warranty of Habitability, and the Charitable Housing Investment Tax Credit.  Effective July 1, 2016.

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