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Tourism industry research.

Tourism Research

Economic Impact

Tourism in Vermont is a $3 billion industry, that supports over 30,000 jobs in Vermont, or 10% of Vermont's workforce. The Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing collects and compiles data on visitation, visitor spending, tax revenue generated and employment numbers, among other statistics, to define the economic impact of tourism in Vermont.

A comprehensive 'benchmark' report is published every two years to inform businesses and attractions about the latest travel trends in Vermont, as well as how visitors’ dollars are being spent.

Learn more about the Economic Impact of tourism on the Vermont economy.

Stay to Stay Program

Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing launched the Stay to Stay Program in 2018 to support the state's efforts in attracting, inspiring and assisting people interested in moving to the state. More information about Stay to Stay and next steps for the program is available on the Vermont Vacation Website.

Monthly Data Reports

Various state agencies and departments report statistics on an on-going basis that are helpful to understand the tourism dynamics in Vermont, including:

UVM Vermont Tourism Research Center

The Vermont Tourism Center at the University of Vermont collects research specifically on the topics of tourism and recreation in the state, including resources on: