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The Agency of Commerce and Community Development is comprised of the following areas:

Secretary's Office

Lindsay Kurrle Secretary 802-828-3080
Tayt Brooks Deputy Secretary 802-828-3080
Kitty Sweet Executive Assistant  802-828-3080

Department of Economic Development (DED)

Joan Goldstein
Shelley Pembroke Marketing and Projects Coordinator  802-585-8225
Kristen Ziter Financial Manager I 802-622-4166

Business Recruitment and International Trade

Hilary DelRoss Senior Economic Development Specialist 802-622-4337
Tim Tierney Director of Recruitment and International Trade 802-505-5496

Business Support

Brett Long Deputy Commissioner 802-461-9353
Natalie Elvidge Business Relations Manager 802-461-6869
Kristie Farnham Director 802-398-5268
Daegan Goodman Economic Development Specialist II 802-622-4193
Nick Grimley Director Entrepreneurship & Tech Commercialization  802-798-2328
Jessica Hartleben Staff Attorney IV 802-622-4860
Kelly LaVallee Administrative Services Coordinator I 802-622-4366
Ashley Lipton Economic Development Specialist II 802-461-6809
Cherie Yaeger Economic Development Specialist II 802-622-4001

Captive Insurance

Brittany Nevins Economic Development Director 802-398-5192

Vermont Economic Progress Council (VEPC)

Megan Sullivan Executive Director 802-798-2221
Kristen Gadbois Economic Development Specialist II 802-636-7960
Abbie Sherman Grant Programs Manager 802-828-3230

Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Center (VT PTAC)

Joanne Spaulding Director 802-522-9135
Leonarda Stewart Administrative Services Coordinator II
Bonnie Sanders Procurement Specialist - Montpelier Ofiice (Addison, Lamoille, Orange and Washington Counties) 802-585-6109
Babette Lizotte Procurement Counselor II – Burlington Office
(Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle Counties)
Brenda Plastridge Procurement Counselor II - Newport Office
(Essex, Orleans and Calendonia Counties)
Elizabeth Adams

Procurement Counselor II - Rutland Office (Bennington and Rutland Counties)


Ed Williams Procurement Counselor II - Springfield Office
Brattleboro Office                                  (Windham and Windsor Counties)
802-885-3061x202 (M/T/F)
802-885-3061x219 (W/TH)

Vermont Training Program

John Young Workforce Training Program Director 802-355-2725

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

Josh Hanford Commissioner 802-828-3080
Alex Farrell Deputy Commissioner 802-636-7361
Maxwell Krieger General Counsel 802-522-3132
Kitty Sweet Executive Assistant  802-828-3080

Community Planning &  Revitalization

Chris Cochran Director 802-595-5410
Richard Amore Planning and Outreach Manager 802-585-0061
Bronwyn Cooke Planning and Policy Manager 802-636-7126
Jacob Hemmerick Planning and Policy Manager 802-828-5249
Gary Holloway Downtown Program Manager 802-522-2444
Jenni Lavoie Grants Specialist 802-828-1948

Grants Management

Ann Karlene Kroll Grants Management Director 802-828-5225
Cassie Bell Grants Management Analyst 802-828-5211
Benito Alston, Sofia Program Services Clerk 802-636-7255
Brett Chornyak Grants Management Specialist 802-249-4707
Juliann Sherman Grants Management Specialist 802-828-5226
James Brady Environmental Officer 802-622-4236


Shaun Gilpin Housing Program Administrator 802-249-0014
Naomi Cunningham Grants Management Specialist 802-249-2689
Arthur Hamlin
Housing Program Coordinator - Mobile Home Parks
Kurevija, Romana Community Development Specialist II 802-636-7338

Division for Historic Preservation

Laura Trieschmann State Historic Preservation Officer 802-828-3222
Yvonne Benney Basque Historic Resources Specialist -Archeology 802-505-1020
Devin Colman State Architectural Historian 802-585-8246
Caitlin Corkins Tax Credits & Grants Coordinator 802-828-3047
Cynthia Davis Administrative Services Coordinator I 802-461-6191
Scott Dillon HP Senior Review Coordinator 802-272-7358
James Duggan Director of Preservation -State Historic Sites 802-477-2288
Elizabeth Peebles Historic Resources Specialist -Architecture 802-505-1147
Jess Robinson State Archaeologist 802-272-2509
Tracy Martin State Owned Historic Sites Section Chief 802-828-3051 
Marylou Chicote Bennington Monument  Historic Site Administrator 802-447-0550
Elsa Gilbertson Historic Sites Regional Administrator 802-759-2412
William Jenney Historic Sites Regional Administrator 802-672-3773

Vermont Community Development Program (VCDP)

Cindy Blondin Grants Management Analyst 802-828-5219
Nathan Cleveland Community Development Specialist,
Caledonia, Essex, Orange, Orleans, Windham, and Windsor Counties
Julia Connell Community Development Specialist,
Addison, Lamoille and Washington Counties
Patrick Scheld Community Development Specialist,
Bennington, Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle, and Rutland Counties

Department of Tourism & Marketing (VDTM)

Pelham, Heather Commissioner, VDTM 802-477-2727
Vacant Director, Advertising and Destination Development    
Robynn Beams Conley Digital Outreach Coordinator 802-585-0878
David Burnell Senior Designer and Brand Strategist 802-828-3367
Caleigh Cross Digital Content Coordinator 802-505-1094
Sara DeFilippi Sales and Marketing Specialist 802-272-2633
Nate Formalarie Executive Director, Communications 802-522-7323
Lauren Masseria Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement 802-505-5413
Jason Pelletier Director of Creative Services (CMO) 802-522-6397
Chelsea Poginy Economic Development Digital Marketing Specialist 802-522-4576
Kelsey Price Digital Strategist and Web Designer 802-461-6035
Erin Robinson Marketing Manager 802-522-7915


Lisa Allard Financial Director I 802-585-0806
Kimberly Baker Financial Manager III 802-595-4820
Christopher Baning Financial and Administrative Services Director  802-622-4860
Sharon Batdorff Administrative Assistant B 802-828-1093
Jessica Vintinner Principal Assistant 802-477-3808
John Kessler General Counsel II 802-461-3466
Kathy Holt Financial Administrator II 802-828-5206
Ken Jones Economic Research Analyst 802-828-3119
Katheran Thayer Gosselin Finance Director III 802-249-2078
Mo Reilly Business Application Support Specialist 802-636-7077
Sharon Welch Contracts and Grants Administrator 802-828-5678
Paul Williams Financial Administrator II 802-249-1180


Contact Us

Lindsay Kurrle, Secretary
Tayt Brooks, Deputy Secretary

Secretary's Office

Agency Main Number

One National Life Drive
Deane C. Davis Building, 6th Floor
Montpelier, VT 05620-0501

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