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Grafton Village, Vermont Intersection Signs

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The Agency of Commerce and Community Development is comprised of the following areas:

Secretary's Office

Lindsay Kurrle Secretary 802-828-3080
Tayt Brooks Deputy Secretary 802-828-3080
Kitty Sweet Executive Assistant  802-828-3080

Department of Economic Development (DED)

Joan Goldstein
Brett Long Deputy Commissioner 802-461-9353
Vacant Communications Director    
Kristen Ziter Administrative Services Manager III 802-622-4166
Kelly Chambers Administrative Services Coordinator III 802-585-8225

Business Recruitment and International Trade

Tim Tierney Director of Recruitment and International Trade 802-505-5496
Daegan Goodman Senior Economic Development Specialist

Business Support

Elisabeth Nance Grant Programs Manager 802-461-6809
Vacant Business Relations Manager    
Kristie Farnham Director 802-398-5268
Kristen Gadbois Economic Development Specialist II 802-636-7960
Nick Grimley Director Entrepreneurship & Tech Commercialization  802-798-2328
Vacant Staff Attorney IV    
Cameron Ainsworth Administrative Services Coordinator II 802-622-4366
Vacant Economic Development Specialist II    

Captive Insurance

Brittany Nevins Economic Development Director 802-398-5192

Vermont Economic Progress Council (VEPC)

Jessica Hartleben Executive Director 802-622-4860
Ellie Beckett Grant Programs Manager 802-622-4674
Vacant Economic Development Specialist II    

Vermont APEX Accelerator

Joanne Spaulding Director 802-522-9135
Denise Nelson Administrative Services Coordinator II
Bonnie Sanders Procurement Specialist - Montpelier Office (Lamoille, Orange and Washington Counties and southeast Chittenden County) 802-585-6109
Babette Rossignol Procurement Counselor II – Burlington Office
(Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle Counties and northern part of Addison County)
Brenda Plastridge Procurement Counselor II - Newport Office
(Essex, Orleans and Caledonia Counties)
Elizabeth Adams

Procurement Counselor II - Rutland Office (Bennington and Rutland Counties and southern part of Addison County)


Ed Williams Procurement Counselor II - Springfield Office
(Windham and Windsor Counties)

Vermont Training Program

John Young Workforce Training Program Director 802-355-2725

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

Alex Farrell Commissioner 802-636-7361
Nate Formalarie Deputy Commissioner 802-522-7323
Maxwell Krieger General Counsel 802-522-3132
Kitty Sweet Executive Assistant  802-828-3080

Community Planning &  Revitalization

Chris Cochran Director 802-595-5410
Richard Amore Planning and Outreach Manager 802-585-0061
Bronwyn Cooke Planning and Policy Manager 802-636-7126
Vacant Grants Management Specialist    
Natalie Elvidge Planning Coordinator 802-261-0681
Jacob Hemmerick Planning and Policy Manager 802-828-5249
Gary Holloway Downtown Program Manager 802-522-2444
Jenni Lavoie Contracts & Grants Administrator 802-828-1948
Amy Tomasso Community Planning & Project Manager 802-636-7560

Community Development (VCDP/CDBG)

Ann Karlene Kroll Grants Management Director 802-828-5225
Cassie Bell Grants Management Analyst 802-828-5211
Cindy Blondin Grants Management Analyst 802-828-5219
Brett Chornyak Grants Management Specialist 802-249-4707
Nathan Cleveland Community Development Specialist 802-585-5659
Julia Connell  Community Development Specialist 802-828-5215
Patrick Scheld Administrative Services Manager 802-828-1365
Juliann Sherman Grants Management Specialist 802-461-6950
Vacant Environmental Specialist    
Grace Vinson Environmental Officer 802-622-4236


Shaun Gilpin Housing Division Director 802-249-0014
Jayme Bauer Community Development Specialist II 802-261-0682
Erin Caro Aguayo Grants Management Specialist 802-461-6220
Naomi Cunningham Housing Program Administrator 802-249-2689
Arthur Hamlin
Housing Program Coordinator - Mobile Home Parks
Scott Sharland Grants Management Specialist 802-249-2078
Nedah Warstler Administrative Services Coordinator II 802-636-7338

Division for Historic Preservation

Laura Trieschmann State Historic Preservation Officer 802-505-3579
Yvonne Benney Basque Historic Resources Specialist -Archeology 802-505-1020
Devin Colman State Architectural Historian 802-585-8246
Caitlin Corkins Tax Credits & Grants Coordinator 802-828-3047
Lindsay Pacheco Administrative Services Coordinator I 802-461-6191
Scott Dillon HP Senior Review Coordinator 802-272-7358
James Duggan Director of Preservation -State Historic Sites 802-477-2288
Elizabeth Peebles Historic Resources Specialist -Architecture 802-505-1147
Jess Robinson State Archaeologist 802-272-2509
Breanna Sheehan Administrative Director -Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs 802-261-0680

Victoria Sample Historic Sites Section Chief 802-505-8592

Marylou Chicote

Bennington Monument  Historic Site Administrator 802-447-0550
Elsa Gilbertson Historic Sites Regional Administrator 802-759-2412
Rejoice Scherry Historic Sites Regional Administrator 802-672-3773
Greg Socinski Historic Resources Specialist-Architecture 802-636-7413

Department of Tourism & Marketing (VDTM)

Heather Pelham Commissioner 802-477-2727
Bradley Battin Digital Strategist and Web Designer 802-461-6035
Robynn Beams Conley Digital Outreach Coordinator 802-585-0878
David Burnell Senior Designer and Brand Strategist 802-461-9124
Caleigh Cross Digital Content Coordinator 802-505-1094
Sara DeFilippi Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement 802-272-2633
Katharine Ingram Trade and Partner Relations Manager 802-261-5111
Maureen McCracken Director of Marketing Strategy and Research 802-461-7079
Elle O'Casey Director of Creative Services (CMO) 802-760-9967
Shelley Pembroke Digital Marketer 802-522-4576
Erin Robinson Marketing Manager 802-522-7915
Abby Sessock Executive Director of Digital Communications 802-461-5115
Tessa Yip Marketing Project Coordinator 802-461-7795


Daniel Dickerson Administrative Services Director IV 802-261-0668
Todd Baumeister ACCD Business Process Manager 802-636-7077
John Kessler General Counsel II 802-828-5202
Terry Reed Financial Administrator II 802-461-6354
Michele Snyder Contracts and Grant Manager 802-461-5224
Leonarda Stewart Financial Administrator I 802-461-6508
Sherri Strickland Contracts and Grants Administrator 802-461-6106
Anna Strong Financial Director I 802-461-6290
James Vigeant Financial Director I 802-585-0806
Jessica Vintinner Principal Assistant 802-477-3808

Sharon Welch

ACCD Contracts & Grants Director


Paul Williams Financial Manager I 802-249-1180
Christine Hinkel Ianni ACCD Director of Communications 802-622-4337
Vacant Economic Research Analyst    
Jewel Mason Financial Administrator II 802-828-5206