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Vermont Training Program (VTP)

What is the Vermont Training Program (VTP)?

The Vermont Training Program (VTP) partners with employers and training providers to prepare Vermont's employees for the jobs of tomorrow. VTP provides performance-based workforce grants for pre-employment training, training for new hires, and training for incumbent workers. This training can either be on-site or offered through an outside provider.  VTP grants may cover up to 50% of the training cost. 

Vision and Goals:

The Vermont Training Program will be a flexible, nimble, and strategic workforce development program to enhance the skills of the Vermont workforce and increase productivity of Vermont employers.  VTP aims to:

  • Assist with funding employee training projects related to either or both the development and production of new and innovative products, equipment, technologies, market opportunities, or processes that will lead to significant advances in either innovation, productivity or both.
  • Use its funds supplement, not replace, existing training efforts
  • Assist with both training new employees and training critical to the retention of employees
  • Assist with training in transferable skills
  • Encourage wage increases for employees
  • Collaborate with other state Agencies and Departments to align efforts and funding

Align its training resources to the Vermont Statewide Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

VTP has been assisting with the training of Vermont’s employees for over 30 years.  In FY18, VTP served over 2,000 Vermonters.  

Starting in July 2016 VTP began to serve Vermonters in an even broader spectrum of industry sectors. Today, VTP funds work-based learning programs and activities with eligible employers to introduce manufacturers and other regionally significant employers to Vermont students at every level. Employers who provide work-based learning programs or activities developed in partnership with a school or education program may apply to VTP for a grant to offset the costs of providing these programs.