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Our Programs

The Business Support staff in DED principally counsel businesses to make them aware of the various resources that are available facilitate employee training, workforce, market expansion, facilities growth and relocation. In addition, our counselors coordinate the various programs that are available while collecting commentary from business leaders and reporting it to State leadership. 

Vermont Economic Progress Council (VEPC)

The Council serves as an approval and authorization body for the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI) program and the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District program.

Vermont Training Program (VTP)

The VTP partners with employers and training providers to train Vermont's employees for the jobs of tomorrow. VTP provides performance based workforce grants for: pre-employment training, training for new hires and incumbent workers.

Captive Insurance 

Through cutting edge legislation, supportive government and a world class infrastructure, Vermont is a global leader in the competitive industry of captive insurance.

International Trade Division 

The International Trade Division is the Vermont Department of Economic Development’s center for export business assistance and helps Vermont businesses succeed in international markets by providing export trade related educational seminars, trade show assistance, technical assistance, and one-on-one consulting services.

Northern Border Regional Commission Grants (NBRC)

The Northern Border Regional Commission, a federal-state partnership for economic and community development.  NBRC invests in community and economic development projects in economically distressed counties across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. In Vermont, all 14 counties are included in the NBRC eligible service territory. 

Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) Defense Industry Diversification Programs

Accelerating Growth and Innovation in the Defense Industry Supply Chain

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) 

For small companies with an interest in selling to the government, VT PTAC is where to begin. 

Vermont Talent Pipeline Management (VTPM)

The VTPM is a two-phased approach to rethinking the development and sourcing of Vermont’s future workforce by first, creating employer collaboratives that identify and communicate around shared employer needs to education providers, and secondly, then “value mapping” backwards by analyzing talent flows, and implementing performance measures and aligning incentives for education providers.

(ACTIVE) New Relocating Worker Grant:

The New Relocating Worker Grant was created by the Vermont Legislature to encourage workers in certain occupations to move to Vermont to work for Vermont companies. 

New Worker Relocation Grant Program

The New Worker Relocation Grant Program was created by the Vermont Legislature to encourage workers to move to Vermont to work for Vermont companies. 

Remote Worker Grant Program

The Remote Worker Grant Program was created by the Vermont Legislature to encourage professionals who were interested in moving to Vermont.


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