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CEDS Target Sector Definitions

Priority Target Economic Sectors 

* = Also an identified Career Technical Education (CTE) Priority Sector

Advanced Manufacturing* - Integrating information technologies with manufacturing.  Including, but not limited to, the subsectors of: aviation, composites, computer & electronic products (including microchips), electrical equipment, appliances & components, furniture & related products, medical equipment, nonmetallic mineral products, and wood products.

Biotechnology* - Design & manufacturing including, but not limited to, medical equipment, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, research, testing, and medical laboratories.

Financial Services & Insurance - Specifically for captive insurance and financial service organizations developing new financing instruments

Food Systems*- The value chain between food production on the farm and the eventual consumer as it moves from “Farm to Plate” capturing more of the added value for the farmer as well as local partner-intermediaries.

Forest Products* - Forest management, value added design and manufacturing of wood and wood derived fiber for fuel and products such as furniture, pulp, and dimensional lumber.

Environmental Consulting, Green Business and Building - Specifically the assessment and design related to water quality management, green building (low toxic materials, low energy inputs), composting and recycling of organics waste.

Health Care* - Localized delivery of medical care to meet the needs of communities state wide. 

Clean Energy, Efficiency & Electricity Innovation* - The research, design, construction, and installation of: wind, solar, and hydro electricity generation; use of biomass as a heat source; passive thermal and/or energy efficiency; solar for domestic hot water; and/or provide energy efficiency services such as system controls, weatherization, and equipment upgrades.

Software Development & IT - The design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, as systems integration services.

Target Economic Sectors

Arts & Culture - Artistic and cultural production and presentation that contributes to community character.  Including, but not limited to, visual, dramatic, musical, and multimedia arts.

Education - Specifically, the business development and management of post-secondary private sector colleges & universities.

Tourism & Recreation* - Including, but not limited to, the management of and service provided by hotels & inns, restaurants, and cultural & recreational activities.

* = Also an identified Career Technical Education (CTE) Priority Sector

Sector Description (See VT CEDS "Vermont 2020" Report for Detail)