Fair Housing Analysis of Impediments

Cover of "State of Vermont Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice"The State of Vermont Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice is a report required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that seeks to identify the various factors that may affect fair housing choice in Vermont and to develop an action plan to overcome them. The Analysis of Impediments is conducted every five years in connection with the State's programs funded by HUD. The Analysis of Impediments provides detailed information on Fair Housing Legislative achievements, population and housing trends, Fair Housing complaints, and strategies to combat impediments.

2022 Analysis of Impediments - Ongoing

The State of Vermont is in the process of developing the 2022 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing and will be seeking public input soon.

2017 Analysis of Impediments

In April of 2017 the 5-year update to the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing was finalized and published. This document is designed to draw on the 2012 Analysis with updates to pertinent sections.

Final AI April, 2017

Action Plan 2017

2012 Analysis of Impediments 

Final AI April 2012 (pdf - 7.4 MB) 

Errata Sheet 3-25-2013 (pdf - 2.7 MB)
This corrects information on page 26 and subsequent maps in the final Analysis of Impediments related to areas of racial and/or ethnic concentration.  


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