Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Grant Program

To date, over $1M has been invested in Level 2 and DC fast charge equipment at 30 project locations around the State.  

Grant proceeds result from settlements to partially resolve Volkswagen’s violations of the Clean Air Act.  For more information visit the VW Environmental Mitigation Funds web page.  

General information regarding the upcoming funding opportunity for the expansion of Vermont’s DC fast charging network includes:

  • The approximate funding available is $1.9 million with a required 20% match made by applicant.
  • Applicant will be applying for the entire network with a minimum of 11 locations, to be identified within the RFP, and must be included in all proposals. Some are State and municipal park and ride locations.
  • Currently, five Tier 1 locations will require two 150 kW DC fast chargers (dual protocol), while six Tier 2 locations will require two 50 kW DC fast chargers (dual protocol), and all will include a dual port Level 2 charger.  
  • It is anticipated that the request for proposals (RFP) will be released by the end of this calendar year and awards to be made in the Spring 2020.

Please note that the RFP is still under development and the above details are subject to change.

For more information about the EVSE grant program please contact Gary Holloway, Downtown Program Manager at gary.holloway@vermont.gov or 802-522-2444.

EVSE-friendly Development Regulations for Municipalities
To support the EVSE Grant Program, meeting-ready guidance is available for planners and planning commissioners to help prepare and update local regulations that welcome electric vehicle charging stations.   The guidance provides an overview of the latest EV trends in Vermont and offers tips to update use, parking, sign, performance, and procedural standards that easily accommodate this new technology in local bylaws.

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