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Federal Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credits (RITC)

Administered by the National Park Service through its Technical Preservation Services division, the federal Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit (RITC) program offers a 20% federal income tax credit for rehabilitation of income-producing historic buildings. Tax credits help to stimulate private investment and create jobs. They support the creation and improvement of rental housing. Tax credits can restore buildings and jump start revitalization in Vermont communities. Successful projects range from modest renovations in small centers to multimillion-dollar downtown redevelopments.

    What is a tax credit? 
    While not cash or a grant, tax credits redirect income taxes owed to help pay construction bills. For example, if your tax bill is $10,000, a $4,000 tax credit will reduce your tax bill to $6,000.  

    Does my building qualify?
    Federal Rehabilitation Investment tax credits are available for eligible historic commercial buildings. These are income-producing buildings, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Projects must meet the "substantial rehabilitation test" and all work completed must meet preservation standards. Not sure if your building is eligible? Email or call 802-828-3047.

    What work qualifies?
    The RITC program is designed to enhance the historic character of Vermont. To do this we use the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Program staff are available to discuss how these standards apply to individual projects. To schedule a site visit, email or call 802-828-3047.

    How do I apply?
    Applications must be submitted digitally to the State Historic Preservation Office. Follow this link find instructions on how to use our new digital submittal portal. Files must be submitted to comply with National Park Service (NPS) formatting requirements and naming conventions. These requirements are posted on the NPS website. Email or call 802-828-3047 with questions. 

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