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We who Believe in Freedom, mural, Rutland, VT by LMNOPI, 2020
We Who Believe in Freedom, mural, Rutland, VT by LMNOPI, 2020

Current Initiatives

The Division of Community Planning and Revitalization provides tools, training, grants, and incentives for local leaders to plan and implement projects that support thriving, walkable communities. Here are some of our current initiatives:

DRAFT Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing (PRO Housing) Application:  The Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Department of Housing and Community Development is applying to HUD on behalf of the consortium of the Department of Housing and Community Development; Vermont Housing and Finance Agency; the Vermont State Housing Authority; the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity; Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies; and the City of Burlington.  The consortium proposes to use $8 million award of PRO Housing for local, regional, and statewide efforts to remove barriers and increase housing opportunities across Vermont. Awards will be announced in January 2024.

Designation 2050: Design the Future of Vermont: The Vermont Legislature authorized an evaluation and reform project for 2023, to review how well Vermont’s designation programs are working and develop recommendations for strengthening, streamlining, and modernizing the programs in the future. 

Homes for All: A 'Design & Do' Toolkit for Small-scale Home Builders, Investors & Community Leaders: The toolkit helps communities reintroduce Missing Middle home types to Vermont. It will include a design guide, infill case studies, a builders' workbook, and other training resources that will help us expand the way Vermonters build and envision new housing.

Small Towns, Healthy Communities Podcast: a podcast about the intersection between health equity and community design in Vermont, hosted by Richard Amore and Suzanne Kelley.