Planning Your Town's Future

Planning Your Town’s Future

Vermont's distinctive sense of place is tied to its primary land use planning goal: to plan development so as to maintain the historic settlement pattern of compact village and urban centers separated by rural countryside. Through collaboration with our partners the Department works to further these land use goals by developing programs that provide communities with needed tools and resources. Below are some of the programs and guidance that can help communities integrate land use planning with energy, housing, economic development and transportation options. 


Municipal Planning Grants (MPG)
State funds are allocated each year for a competitive program to support a wide range of local planning and implementation projects. Grant applications are due in the fall. 

State Designation Programs
Vermont targets additional resources to communities that meet designation requirements for compact centers. 

Prepare Today for Tomorrow’s Flood
The Community Planning and Revitalization Division is collaborating with local, regional, state and federal organizations to help flood affected communities rebuild and grow in a way that is safer and less vulnerable to damaging floods.

Planning Resources

Planning Manual for Vermont Municipalities
The new Planning Manual offers up-to-date guidance on preparing municipal plans, as well as an overview of the state designation programs and their benefits.  The latest version incorporates 2016 legislative changes.  

Planning Atlas
An easy-to-use tool that provides access to commonly requested data - the status of local planning and regulations, designation boundaries, and more. 

Vermont Planning Statutes & Rules
State statutes outline how municipalities can govern land use.  In addition to Chapter 117, the Planning and Development Act, a number of other, sometimes hard-to-find statutes, are listed.

Municipal Plan and Bylaw Submissions
Instructions and forms for municipalities to submit plans and bylaws to the Department as required by statute, and public access to a statewide plan and bylaw database.

Municipal Status Information
As of September 2017 – this spreadsheet provides data on the adoption of town plans, bylaws, development review boards, and other information pertinent to local land use planning and regulation in Vermont. For up to date information on state designations see the Designation Program table.

Helpful organizations with resources that can help you or your community in your land use planning and community development efforts.

Vermont Planning Information Center
Land use information essential to local boards and commissions is compiled on this website which was created and maintained by the Vermont Education and Training Collaborative. 

Planning Publications and Other Resources 
Publications and resources on a variety of topics related to land use are provided here.

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