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Municipal Plan and Bylaw Submissions

Submissions to DHCD

For sending Plans and Bylaws to Commissioner of the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), only electronic submissions please:

  • Create one searchable PDF of the proposed plan, bylaw or amendment, the reporting form, and Public Hearing Notice (see instructions below). All forms must be consolidated into one searchable PDF, and then submitted. Please do not submit word documents, multiple attachments, or a link back to the Municipal Website.
  • Email it to Alice Dodge.
  • Submittals that do not conform will be returned to sender.

Plan and Bylaw Database

The electronic plans and bylaws municipalities sent to DHCD contribute to a useful and ever-growing plan and bylaw database.  See instructions for navigating the database.

Electronic Submissions of Plans and Bylaws 

Effective July 1, 2018, notice of public hearings and the required distribution of municipal and regional plans, bylaws and amendments may now be done electronically, provided the sender has proof of reciept.   

  • Find the Plan and Bylaw Adoption Tools (pdf) at 
  • Complete the required Plan/Bylaw Reporting Form, a written report that describes the changes proposed in the plan or bylaw 
  • Use the checklist accompanying the Clerks Certificate for ensuring the required public notice procedures are followed - you may use electronic notice rather than registered mail

When the plan, bylaw or amendment is adopted, follow Step 2 by emailing to DHCD as required in 24 V.S.A. § 4445 and make sure your Regional Planning Commission has a copy as well. Also make the plan or bylaw available to the public in the town clerk’s office and post it on the municipal website (if applicable).