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Every U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assisted project must complete an Environmental Review (ER). The purpose of the ER is to assess the impacts of the project on the environment and the impacts of the environment on the project; involve the public in the decision-making process; and make better-informed decisions. The ER indicates compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and all other local, state, and federal associated laws and authorities triggered by the HUD Part 58 ER.

Suggested Documents to Review BEFORE Beginning the Environmental Review Process

Level of Environmental Review Selection

Checklists Required for Each Level of Review

**Please Note:  Checklists are also avilable in GEARS

Option Agreements

Choice-limiting activities are prohibited prior to the completion of the ER. Signing an Option Agreement that allows the purchaser to elect to terminate the Option Agreement if the subject property is not desirable is an activity that is allowed prior to receiving the Environmental Release.

Resources for Completing an Environmental Review

Historic Preservation

Step-By-Step Guidance for Creating Required Supporting Documentation:

Floodplain Management

In general, if the project is in the floodplain, the 8-Step Decision-Making Process must be completed after the project design is sufficiently developed. Building in the floodplain is strongly discouraged by HUD. If the project is located in the floodway, and the activity is not a functionally dependent use (such as a bridge, marina, culvert, or streambank restoration), the project is ineligible for HUD funding.

Tiered Environmental Reviews (For Scattered Site Projects Only)

A Tiered Environmental Review is appropriate for projects that include unidentified locations.

Public Notices

Templates for Public Notices that are required during the Environmental Review Process are available in Intelligrants. Always consult the Environmental Office before publication of any Public Notice.

Additional Resources

For additional details and resources, please visit the HUD Exchange and HUD WISER Webinars.

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