VCDP Grants Management Guide

The Grants Management Guide (GMG) is a source of VCDP information for grant administrators and municipal officials. The GMG is organized to provide the grantee with start-up guidance from the award through the receipt of the Certificate of Program Completion.  Many forms are incorporated in our online grants management system (GEARS) or can be found on our Forms and Sample Documents page. 

How to Do Your Environmental Review (ER) ER Process
ER Guidance
How to Get Started Checklist for Setting Up File System
Checklist for Grantees/Administrators
Does your Project Involve Any Relocation/Displacement 
of People in Housing or Businesses

Uniform Relocation Act
HUD 1378 Handbook for the Uniform Relocation Act
Uniform Relocation Act - Low Income Limits

How to Get Your Award Forms and Resolutions
Letter of Award and Award Conditions
Grant Agreement and Special Conditions
How to Properly Administer Your Grant Procurement
   SAMS Debarment website
   State Debarment website
   DUNS Number
   Registered to do business in VT
Fair Labor Standards and Davis-Bacon
   Davis Bacon Wage Decision
Documenting Benefit
Requisition Guidance Memo
Progress Reports
What to Expect at a Monitoring Visit On Site Monitoring Report "OSMR"
More Information on Specific Project Types Housing
Economic Development
Public Facilities
Public Services
How to Close Your Grant Final Program Reports
How to comply with Audit Requirements
for Expending Federal Funds
Uniform Guidance
If the Grant Funds are Loaned Program Income
Municipal Closeout Agreements
Nonprofit Community Development Organizations and Agreements
Subgranting Grant Funds Nonprofit Community Development Organizations and Agreements
Revolving Loan Funds "RLFs"
Rules and Regulations

Agency Procedures
Fair Housing Policy
Overview of Related Laws
The Federal Act - Title 1-Community Development
Title 10 - VT Community Development Act
24 CFR Part 570 - Subpart 1 - CDBG
24 CFR 882.109 - Housing Quality Standards
Uniform Guidance

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