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Review and Compliance

When Do You Need Historic Preservation Review?

Project review consists of identifying a project's potential impacts to historic buildings and structures, historic districts, historic landscapes and settings, and to known or potential archaeological resources. Project review is a consultative process between the applicant and VDHP.

When do I need a Historic Preservation Project Review to receive a permit in Vermont? click here 

If your project involves federal or state funding, licenses or permits, the Vermont State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) must review the effects to historic and cultural resources. In Vermont, the SHPO is also known as the Division for Historic Preservation. Is your Property Eligible?

If you need to comply with the Energy Code (RBES & CBES) and the changes may adversely affect an historic building, please complete the The Historic Buildings Exemption Form and submit to

If your project involves the substantial alteration, relocation, or demolition of a historic resource, you may need to prepare a Historic Resource Documentation Package prior to starting the project: Photographic Documentation Requirements for Historic Structures.

For relevant laws and regulations, please visit our Resources and Rules  page.

Applicants are encouraged to contact VDHP early and often in the project planning process.

A Project Review Cover Form needs to filled out to begin the project review and consultation process, make sure your project addresses everything on our Checklist for Historic Preservation Review.

These guidelines should be utilized by consultants when conducting archaeology in Vermont: Guidelines for Conducting Archaeology in Vermont.

Permits for Archaeological Investigations on State Lands, State Archaeological Landmarks, or Under State Waters: please visit the Preservation Laws and Regulations page.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us.  Who can help with your review?

All forms and Project review applications should be submitted to the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (VDHP) at

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