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Programmatic Agreement Library

Pending Programmatic Agreements for Consultation

Draft PAs are open for consultation by interested parties for a 30-day review period. Please forward any comments or questions regarding the draft agreements to  Until executed draft PAs are not authorized for implementation. Executed Programmatic Agreements

The PAs listed below have been executed by all consulting parties and are authorized for application.

1. Statewide Programmatic Agreement for Vermont Community Development Block Grant Programs

2. Programmatic Agreement for Federal-Aid Highway Program in Vermont

3. Programmatic Agreement for Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program, State Energy Program, and Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program (2011)

               3.1 Amendment for Department of Energy WAP, SEP, and EECBG (2021)

4. Programmatic Agreement for the Administration of the HOME Investment Partnership Program (2023)

5. Exemption from Historic Preservation Review Process for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment in Vermont (2023)