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SOV Historic Preservation Plan, 2016-2021
Historic Preservation Plan, 2016-2021
The Vermont State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) and the Division for Historic Preservation (VDHP) have the responsibility under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 for developing a Statewide Historic Preservation Plan every five years. The plan provides a vision for VDHP, gauging the preservation movement in Vermont since the last plan was prepared. It is a basic-level guide for decision-making, outlining priorities that affect historic resources in Vermont with four primary goals and related actions. It is a tool to encourage collaboration and partnerships, expand awareness of and the appreciation for cultural resources, and reinforce historic preservation as an enduring value held by Vermonters. 

The Four Primary Goals for our broad approach to historic preservation planning in Vermont are:

  1. Increasing Awareness and Appreciation of our History
  2. Recognizing Historic Places
  3. Exchanging Information
  4. Historic Resource Stewardship

2016-2021 State of Vermont Historic Preservation Plan

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