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 Vermont Archaeology Heritag Center CollectionsVAHC houses artifact collections and archival sources in secure, climate-controlled rooms. These collections are based on excavations, and analyses of archaeological sites and represent every county in the state and every major period of Vermont’s 13,000-year history. If you would like to know what archaeological collections at the VAHC in Barre currently curates, please review the attached collections spreadsheet

Click here to download a database of Vermont archaeological site radiocarbon dates and directly associated diagnostic artifacts and click here to download a database of paleobotanical and paleofaunal remains recovered from radiocarbon dated contexts in Vermont precontact archaeological sites.

The VAHC library includes books, bibliographies, reports, and materials which are available to anyone interested in Vermont’s ancient and historic past. The State Archaeologist will help with your exploration of artifacts and archives to ensure their protection and the site’s preservation.

If you are a consultant or individual interested in donating artifacts to the Heritage Center, please read the accessions policy. Jess Robinson would be happy to speak with you about donation possibilities and accession procedures. Please also consult the Relevant Policies and Procedures for Consultants Transferring Collections to the Heritage Center document for detailed information.