Act 157 Report on Housing and Infrastructure

Act 157 directed the Agency to develop recommendations to fill the gap in our housing and infrastructure needs. Over the summer and fall, the Steering Committee and staff reviewed existing programs and statutes, gathered stakeholder input and evaluated the housing and infrastructure needs throughout Vermont.

Research, Volunteer & Internship Opportunities

VAHC Interns
VAHC Interns
VAHC has many projects for interested volunteers. We also host occasional teacher training sessions and educational programs for 4th-12th grade students. We are particularly interested in developing research projects with motivated undergraduate and graduate students. Our State Archaeologist is more than happy to provide guidance toward thesis and dissertation topics.



Vermont Archaeology Heritag Center Collections
Vermont Archaeology Heritag Center Collections
Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Vermont Archaeology Heritage Center will be closed until further notice. If you need assistance regarding collections or archives curated at VAHC, please contact Jess Robinson at


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