Zoning for Great Neighborhoods

Updating zoning and other local land use regulations to allow a wider range of housing types, can help improve opportunities for homes in walkable places.  

Zoning for Great Neighborhoods aims to help cities and towns address the mismatch between Vermont’s available houses and the needs of Vermonters at all stages of life. Through the guidance and model regulations produced through this project, towns of any size will be able to make incremental changes to their zoning that allow for more flexible housing in a way that honors Vermont's traditional settlements. 

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Grant Program

To date, over $1M has been invested in Level 2 and DC fast charge equipment at 30 project locations around the State.  The remaining $1.7M in funding will be used to build out the DC fast charge network at priority locations on highway corridors.  The goal is to provide fast charging within 30 miles of every Vermonter. 

Vermont Housing Budget and Investment Report

As required by law, the Department of Housing and Community Development annually submits a report to the Vermont Legislature on the uses of State and federal funds awarded or appropriated for housing development and housing assistance and subsidies.

Town Plans that Matter

A conversation about planning that achieves the results desired by the community. We introduce the updated Vermont Planning Manual and discuss ways to create an inclusive process and a plan that meets statutory requirements while providing the town with clear and strategic direction. The webinar took place on February 15, 2017. Contact your local Regional Planning Commission for information about follow up events.

Act 157 Report on Housing and Infrastructure

Act 157 directed the Agency to develop recommendations to fill the gap in our housing and infrastructure needs. Over the summer and fall, the Steering Committee and staff reviewed existing programs and statutes, gathered stakeholder input and evaluated the housing and infrastructure needs throughout Vermont.


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