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Vermont Housing Improvement Program (VHIP)


The Vermont Housing Improvement Program (VHIP) provides rental property owners up to $50,000 per unit to cover the costs of bringing vacant and non-code compliant rental units back online. This program is designed to address two critical issues in the state, the declining quality of rental units and the homeless assistance programs that often struggle to find suitable housing for their clients. Program participants are required to provide a 20% match, maintain HUD Fair Market Rent prices, and work with Coordinated Entry Lead Organizations to identify suitable tenants exiting homelessness. VHIP was modeled after the highly successful 2020  Re-Housing Recovery Program, which brought over 240 units up to code, of which approximately one-third house formerly homeless households. 

More about VHIP:

  • Landlords can apply for up to $30,000 per unit for 0-2 Bedroom Units and up to $50,000 per unit for 3+ Bedroom Units/New Unit Creation to bring units up to Vermont Rental Housing Health Code guidelines.

  • VHIP can also fund up to $50,000/unit, for the creation of new Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). 

  • Units must have been vacant for 90 days before application to VHIP.

  • Property owners are required to match at least 20% of the grant funds, with the option for an in-kind match for unbilled services or owned materials.

  • VHIP participants must agree to rent units at or below HUD Fair Market Rents for the County and work with Coordinated Entry Lead Organizations* to find suitable renters for at least five years.

*A waiver for the Coordinated Entry Lead Organizations referral requirement may be provided if the landlord has identified a suitable tenant from another DHCD approved referral organization.



Connect with your local Homeownership Center to learn more about VHIP and receive application assistance. 


List of VHIP Recipients (Updated 6/26/2022)