Zoning for Great Neighborhoods

Updating zoning and other local land use regulations to allow a wider range of housing types, can help improve opportunities for homes in walkable places.  

Zoning for Great Neighborhoods aims to help cities and towns address the mismatch between Vermont’s available houses and the needs of Vermonters at all stages of life. Through the guidance and model regulations produced through this project, towns of any size will be able to make incremental changes to their zoning that allow for more flexible housing in a way that honors Vermont's traditional settlements. 

This work will benefit from the national expertise of CNU through its Project for Code Reform and the local knowledge of Vermont's Regional Planning Commissions.  Tools are due for completion by Spring 2020.  See video from the July 17, 2019, Webinar on Coding for Communities - A Pragmatic Guide to Zoning Reform for an overview of CNU's approach.

Led by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, the Zoning for Great Neighborhoods project is underwritten with generous support from the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board, AARP-VT, and the Vermont, Green Mountain, and National Association Realtors.

One-page Handout - Zoning for Great Neighborhoods

Stakeholder Survey Report - Barriers to Housing (all three documents combined)
Executive Summary
Results and Findings 

July 10 2019, Kickoff Meeting with Stakeholders
Agenda and Barriers to Housing Presentation
CNU Presentation
Meeting Summary on VHFA Website





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