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Roadside Historic Site Markers

Unveiled in 1947 by the Vermont Legislature, the Roadside Historic Site Marker program has proven an effective way to commemorate Vermont’s many people, events, and places of regional, statewide, or national significance. Nearly 300 cast-aluminum green markers, crested with the distinctive gold state seal, are placed throughout Vermont to provide a fascinating glimpse into the past and insights into the present.

Online Resource Center

The Online Resource Center ( ORC) provides online access to all of the Division for Historic Preservation’s documents related to historic preservation activities throughout the state since the 1960s. All existing paper records have been digitized and uploaded to the ORC and newly generated materials will be added to the ORC on a routine basis.      

Vermont Architectural Resource Inventory (VARI)

Lacasse Farm, WillistonCompiling an inventory of Vermont’s historic resources is the foundation of our preservation program. Statewide survey of properties began in earnest in 1967 and was strengthened by the Vermont Historic Preservation Act of 1975. Since that time, more than 30,000 historical and architectural properties have been surveyed and added to the state’s inventory.

Identifying Historic Resources

Vermont's historic resources include buildings, structures, landscapes, and archaeological sites, both on land and underwater. If you want to know the historic status of your property or learn about the history of your community, please use our Online Resource Center.

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