Pending National Register of Historic Places Actions

The following nominations will be considered by the Vermont Advisory Council on Historic Preservation at their upcoming meetings: 

October 18, 2018 - Meeting Materials for Review 

Stannard House, 3 George Street, Burlington, VT 
Draft Nomination Form (PDF) 
Nomination Photos (PDF) 
Location Map (PDF)
Google Map

Preliminary Review - Information for Woodstock Public Meeting Only (Council will review at a later date)

Woodstock Village Historic District, Woodstock, VT 
Draft Nomination Form (PDF)
Nomination Photographs (PDF)
Draft Inventory Data Sheet (PDF)
Draft Historic District Map (PDF)

November 15, 2018 - Meeting Materials for Review

Waterbury Village Historic District (Additional Documentation & Boundary Increase)
Draft Nomination Form (PDF) 
Nomination Photos 1-99 (PDF)
Nomination Photos 100-199 (PDF)
Nomination Photos 200-299 (PDF)
Nomination Photos 300-399 (PDF)
Nomination Photos 400-450 (PDF)
Sketch Map (PDF)



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