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Relocate/Expand a Business

When your business needs more space, more people or another location, talk to us about your plans. We'll connect you to financing tools, to property searches, and to state expansion programs. We have the answers and resources for your business expansion!

We can help you connect to resources including:


We provide performance based workforce grants for: pre-employment training, training for new hires and incumbent workers.

Site Locator

We provide a site selector tool for businesses looking to find the ideal space and site. 

Financing and Incentives

Vermont offers programs and services tailored to support business development at every level, including business retention and relocation services; business finance and incentive programs; economic research and much more. 

Permitting Assistance 

We understand that clarity and speed through the permitting process is essential and we have resources to help you. 

Quality of Life 

Whether you are interested in a quality public school system, family-friendly festivals, mouth-watering food, or an abundance of outdoor activities we can accommodate your wishes in one of our cities or towns. Travelers and new residents come from all over the world to experience our culture, natural beauty and hospitality.