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Digging into Archaeology

Elizabeth Mine, Strafford
The State Archaeology program within Vermont Division for Historic Preservation encourages recognition and preservation of prehistoric, historic, and cultural sites that are an important link with our shared past. Archaeological sites contain the irreplaceable evidence to reconstruct the past.

Resources and Rules

Preservation Laws and Regulations   

Do you have a project that needs a State or Federal review? If you are receiving federal or state funds, permits or licenses, your project WILL need to be reviewed by our staff at the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (VDHP).

Certified Local Government (CLG) Grants

Barre City Park
Barre City Park
Vermont established its Certified Local Government (CLG) program in 1985 to better help local governments integrate historic preservation concerns with planning and decision making processes. Because preservation most often happens at the local level, joining the CLG program is an important and effective way to preserve Vermont's historic places.

Historic Preservation Grants

Old Brick Church, Athens
Established in 1986, the State-funded Historic Preservation Grant Program helps municipalities and non-profit organizations rehabilitate the historic buildings that are a vital part of Vermont’s downtowns, villages, and rural communities, as well as its iconic landscape. 

Historic Preservation Barn Grants

Conant Riverside Farm, Richmond
Established in 1992, the State-funded Barn Preservation Grant program helps individuals, municipalities, and non-profit organizations to rehabilitate the historic agricultural buildings that are a symbol of Vermont’s rural landscape. This is the oldest state-funded agricultural-based grant program in the United States.

Funding and Incentives

Historic Preservation Grants 

If your municipality or non-profit organization owns a historic building, you may be eligible to apply for a Historic Preservation Grant to assist with the cost of repairing and maintaining the structure.

Barn Preservation Grants 

If you own a historic agricultural building, you may be eligible to apply for a Barn Grant to assist with the cost of repairing and maintaining the structure.

Vermont Archaeology Heritage Center

VAHC, with the primary center located in Barre, serves as the central warehouse for artifacts and archives of Vermont’s past. The center is open to the public to explore our 13,000 years of history through exhibits, workshops, and lectures.

Predictive Model for Locating Precontact Archaeological Sites

VDHP implements a predictive model to identify areas with potential for containing significant Precontact Native American sites. The model may also offer some guidance in locating historic Euro-American early settlements. The predictive model was approved by the Vermont Advisory Council on Historic Preservation on May 23, 2002 and reaffirmed on October 22, 2015.

Environmental Predictive Model 


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