Annual Reports

Vermont Employment Growth Incentive Program 

2021 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2021 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
2020 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2020 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
2019 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2019 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
2018 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2018 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
2017 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2017 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
Report on Reporting VEGI Wage and Benefit Data Required by Act 69 (2017) (pdf)
Report on Review of Policy Questions Related to the VEGI Program (2017) (pdf)
2016 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2016 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
2015 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2015 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)
2014 VEGI Annual Report (pdf)
2014 VEGI Annual Report Tables (xlsx)

Tax Increment Financing Districts 

2021 TIF Annual Report
2020 TIF Annual Report
2019 TIF Annual Report
2018 TIF Annual Report
2017 TIF Annual Report
2016 TIF Annual Report 
2015 TIF Annual Report 
2014 TIF Annual Report 

Economic Advancement Tax Incentive Program 

The Vermont Economic Progress Council and the Vermont Department of Taxes are required to report annually to the General Assembly regarding the Economic Advancement Tax Incentive Program. Below are links for recent reports filed. 

2016 EATI Annual Report
EATI Update 2012-2014
2012 EATI Annual Report
2012 EATI Annual Report Tables

For VEGI, TIF or EATI reports filed in previous years, submit a request here.

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