New Relocating Worker Grant

The purpose of the New Relocating Worker Grant is to encourage workers to move to Vermont to work for Vermont employers.

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New Worker Relocation Grant. Applicants must meet all criteria to be eligible. An eligible applicant is someone who, on or after July 1, 2021:  

  • Relocated to Vermont and became a full-time resident after July 1, 2021; and  
  • Became a full-time employee of a Vermont employer; and  
  • Is employed in an occupation identified by the Vermont Department of Labor in its Short Term Occupational Projections with the Most Openings ; and  
  • Wage for the position equals or exceeds the Vermont livable wagerate updated 1/15/21 in accordance with 2 V.S.A. §526. Currently, this is $13.39 per/hour. 
  • Subject to Vermont income tax 
  • The employer attests to the Agency that, after reasonable time and effort, the employer was unable to fill the employee's position from among Vermont applicants.


The following qualified relocation expenses may be reimbursed after your move upon a successful review of your application:

  • Closing costs for a primary residence or lease deposit and one month rent,  
  • hiring a moving company,  
  • renting moving equipment,  
  • shipping,  
  • the cost of moving supplies 


Applicants should have the following information and documents available to upload with their application: 

  • Employer information: 
    • Employer Name 
    • Address 
    • Employer Representative Name (this should be the hiring manager) 
    • Employer Representative e-mail address 
    • Employer Representative phone number 
  • Proof of residency documentation: 
    • Copy of Vermont Driver’s License or Vermont Real ID 
    • Copy of the applicants paycheck stub 

    • Plus, two pieces of documentation from the list below that is in the applicant’s name and includes the physical Vermont address. 
      • Vermont housing lease or purchase contract 
      • Vermont utility bill with new service address 
      • Vermont property tax bill 
      • Vermont homeowner/renter insurance 
    • Documentation in support of each qualifying relocation expense submitted for reimbursement: 
      • Itemized invoice and 
      • Proof of payment 

(All documentation should be individual files to be uploaded during the completion of the application) 


Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have additional questions, please email 

For more information read the approved S.62 bill related to relocation incentives.  

For more information on previous relocation programs, refer to the 2020 New Worker annual report and the Remote Worker annual reports. 





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