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VEGI Application Information

The first step in completing your VEGI Pre-Application or Application is to contact Jessica Smith Hartleben (VEPC's Executive Director) and the appropriate Regional Development Corporation (RDC). This should be done well before your project will commence. Jessica and your RDC will guide you through the application process and answer any questions that you may have.

Many companies choose to complete the Pre-Application. The Pre-Application provides VEPC with enough data to determine your estimated incentive. From there, your data can be rolled over into the full application. Completed initial applications are generally due the first Friday of each month. Review the VEPC Meeting Schedule for monthly application deadlines.

Online Application Instructions
Application Outline - a tool to help you gather the information needed to complete the online application.
Base Employment and Payroll Workbook (xlsx) - Download and file with application

Online Application System Portal


More Detail On:

   Job Categories (pdf)
   LMA Enhancement - Eligible LMAs (pdf)
   LMA Enhancement (pdf)
   Look Back Requirement and Waiver (pdf)
   Program Definitions (pdf)
   Qualifying Job & Wage Threshold (pdf)
   Regional Differential (pdf)