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Manufactured Home Improvement and Repair Program (MHIR): Improving and Preserving Vermont’s Affordable Housing Stock 

May 1, 2024
manufactured home

Manufactured homes are a crucial source of affordable housing for more than 7,000 Vermont households so the Manufactured Home Improvement and Repair (MHIR) program has been hard at work approving more than 340 projects and investing over $4 million to improve mobile home parks and repair mobile homes.   

From reviving vacant lots in existing parks to essential repairs and transformative renovations to existing homes, MHIR’s efforts have kept affordable housing units online while improving the habitability, health, and safety of the homes.  

In April, members of the MHIR team visited five lots in a park in Washington.  Prior to MHIR, two of the lots had abandoned homes in disrepair. Through MHIR's Infill Awards, these sites have been transformed into brand new, occupied mobile homes, breathing new life into the community. Two of the other projects (funded through MHIR’s Home Repair Awards) have been successfully completed, further improving conditions for its residents, and the health of the park community.  

As MHIR continues to make strides in the creation and preservation of affordable housing, the team remains committed to the mission of supporting mobile home communities and fostering thriving neighborhoods across the state. 

MHIR is a collaboration involving the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, Vermont State Housing Authority, and Champlain Valley Office of Equal Opportunity For more information about MHIR and its initiatives, please visit