Act 188 Rental Housing Advisory Board

NOTICE: Public Hearing on work to date of Rental Housing Advisory Board

The Rental Housing Advisory Board is seeking input from Municpal Officials, Town Health Officers, Code Enforcement personnel, and the public at large on issues of rental housing safety and the working draft recommendations the Board is tasked with providing the legislature in January. To this end, we will be convening a meeting:

Monday, November 5
6pm - 8pm
Dept. of Public Safety
1311 US Route 302, Berlin, VT 05641

Vermont Housing Budget and Investment Report

The Department of Housing and Community Development annually submits a report on the uses of State and Federal funds exceeding $50,000 awarded or appropriated for housing development and housing assistance and subsidies.

Act 157 Report on Housing and Infrastructure

Act 157 directed the Agency to develop recommendations to fill the gap in our housing and infrastructure needs. Over the summer and fall, the Steering Committee and staff reviewed existing programs and statutes, gathered stakeholder input and evaluated the housing and infrastructure needs throughout Vermont.


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