Tourism and Economic Recovery Marketing Grants Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All grants awarded under the Tourism and Economic Recovery Marketing Grants are subject to the following program-specific terms and conditions, which will be incorporated into each grant agreement.

  1. Financial Management: The adequacy of Grantee’s financial management system is integral to their ability to account for grant expenditures and track matching resources. Grantee must use State funds in a responsible manner and apply adequate internal controls and cash management practices. Financial management systems and records of any entity involved in the grant must be sufficiently detailed in order to prepare reports, trace funds, and demonstrate that fund management complies with State statutes, regulations, and both general and program-specific terms and conditions. Grantee shall notify the State, no less than 30 days prior to the grant end date, if any funds awarded under this agreement will not be expended. Timely notification of unexpended funds ensures judicious use of State funding. Failure to notify the State of unexpended grant funds may affect future award consideration.
  2. Work Products: Grantee and sub-awardees shall provide the State perpetual, non-exclusive, free of charge, right to use, for State purposes only, work products created with the assistance of State funds under this grant agreement.
  3. Standard Provisions for Contracts and Grants: Grantee shall adhere to the State of Vermont Standard Provisions for Contracts and Grants which will be incorporated into the Grant agreement as “Attachment C”. 
  4. Acknowledgement of Support: Grantees will acknowledge support from the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing Tourism & Economic Recovery Grants in all publications or other documents produced as a result of this grant. Publications or documents subject to this provision include, but are not limited to, press releases, reports, fact sheets, presentations, and websites or webpages describing projects or programs funded in whole or in part through this grant, but do not include advertising or social media promotions.
  5. Reporting: The Program Manager will provide Grantees with a link for the submission of the Final Report. Recurring instances of late reporting may result in enforcement actions and affect future awards.
  6. Problems & Delays: If events occur that significantly affect the project, Grantee must inform the Program Manager as soon as they are aware of problems, delays, or adverse conditions. Grantee must include a statement of the action taken, or contemplated, and any assistance needed to resolve the situation.
  7. Changes Requiring Prior Written Approval: As a project progresses, budgets may need to be modified to accomplish project objectives. Grantees have some flexibility to re-budget within and between budget categories to meet unanticipated needs and to make other types of changes. Grantee should contact the Program Manager to discuss any budgetary changes and request prior written approval from the State.
  8. Change in Scope or Objectives: Grantee must request prior written approval when it is necessary to modify the scope or objectives of the project or program, including adding new project(s) or discontinuing project(s). Written approval is required even if there is no associated budget revision that would require prior written approval. Grantee must use the same format/template to present this information that was used in the approved application with changes noted. The request must include (1) a description of the change in the scope or objectives including any activities the new work replaces; (2) a revised narrative for the relevant portion of the approved project; (3) a description of any changes to the outcome measures; (4) a revised budget and narrative using the respective program templates; (5) any change to the approved timeline; (6) any change in matching fund source; and (6) proposed dates of implementation (MM/YYYY – MM/YYYY).

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