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Based on the needs identified in the five partner communities, the VERI team developed '101' guidance, checklists and more advanced tools that communities and businesses can use to weather the next storm. 


Tools for Businesses

Tools for Municipalities

Tools for Individuals


Floodproofing for Business
Explains how to make commercial buildings less vulnerable to flood damage. 


Floodproofing Regulations for Municipalities
Explains floodproofing requirements that municipalities can apply to existing, flood-prone buildings to help reduce damages.

Case Studies
Details Vermont specific examples of dry and wet floodproofing

Managing Debris

Dealing with Debris 101
Describes challenges of dealing with flood debris and the approaches to preparing for and removing waste material following a flood.

Reducing Disaster Debris
Details steps individuals, farms and businesses can take to avoid adding to flood debris and knowing what to do with debris after a flood. 


Debris Management Plans
Includes municipal checklist and directions for managing debris before and after a flood and a simple template for a debris management plan. 


Reducing Stormwater with Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure 101
How to use natural plant, water and soil systems to manage stormwater and other goals. 

Green Landscaping
property; or to use stormwater where it falls and reduce flooding.

Policies to Promote Green Infrastructure
Explains regulatory and non-regulatory approaches municipalities can use to preserve natural flood control features. 


Protecting Floodplains and River Corridors

River Corridor Protection 101
Summarizes Vermont’s unique program to prevent damage from the most damaging type of flooding. 

River Corridor Protection - Regulatory
Overview of tools to help municipalities protect floodplains and areas where rivers are likely to move. 

River Corridor Protection - Non Regulatory
Describes floodplain restoration, training for road crews and other actions municipalities can take to reduce the damage from flooding.



Planning and Preparing for Disasters

Preparation Matters for Municipalites
Describes how towns and cities can significantly reduce flood damage and improve their ability to recover after a disaster if they prepare for emergencies. 


Preperation Matters to Businesses
Details how businesses can prepare, respond and recover from disasters. 


Business Continuity Planning 
Provides guidance on how to prepare your business to bounce back from minor localized power or internet outages to major disasters. 


Disaster Preparation for Farms 
A special checklist to help farmers prepare for power outages, floods and other emergencies. 


Insurance Checklist for Businesses 
A short list designed to help businesses better understand their insurance coverage and limitations