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Vermont Talent Pipeline Management

An Employer-led Approach to Creating a Pipeline of Skilled Talent

It is no secret that our education and workforce system is facing challenges to keep pace with our economy. Employers struggle with finding skilled workers who can contribute to economic growth and competitiveness and a disconnect exists between what employers need and what prospective employees are prepared for. Vermont Talent Pipeline Management (VTPM) is a two-phased approach to rethinking the development and sourcing of Vermont’s future workforce. Leveraging lessons learned from supply-chain management, VTPM expands the role of employers as end-customers of education and workforce systems.

Industry collaborative pilot programs have been launched for: CONSTRUCTION, HEALTH CARE and MANUFACTURING

PHASE ONE: The Demand Side

Organize Employer Collaboratives to identify and communicate to education providers with one voice around shared employer needs. Employer Collaboratives leverage the expertise and strengths of members to aggregate the most critical roles, skills, and credentials needed to address their workforce challenges.

STRATEGY ONE: Organize Employer Collaboratives
STRATEGY TWO: Engage in Demand Planning
STRATEGY THREE: Communicate Competency, Credential Reqs

PHASE TWO: The Supply Chain

“Value map” backwards to identify where employers get their best talent today and the opportunities for improving talent flows. Measure the success and ROI of the talent supply chain
and improve performance through rewards and incentives.

STRATEGY FOUR: Analyze Talent Flows
STRATEGY FIVE: Implement Shared Performance Measures
STRATEGY SIX: Align Incentives for Continuous Improvement

Supplier Employer Roles Graphic