Municipal Planning Grant

Planning RenderingThe Municipal Planning Grant (MPG) program encourages and supports planning and revitalization for local municipalities in Vermont. Awarded annually and administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, the MPG program works to strengthen Vermont by funding local planning initiatives that support statewide planning goals. Since 1998, the MPG program has provided over $12 million to 234 cities and towns across Vermont to help breathe new life into communities, plan for future growth and development, and improve the quality of life.  See our MPG Program Overview and Case Study for more information. 

In the most recent survey, nearly 99% of local officials said this program was a critical tool to help communities realize their planning goals (see 2016 MPG Survey Results). 

FY2018 Awards

Information about this year’s grant recipients can be found in our list of FY 2018 Municipal Planning Grant Recipients and the press release announcing the awards. For information about previously funded grants see the complete list of projects funded since 1998.

Applying for a Grant - Next Round 

The next round of appplications will be due in the fall 2018.  For information about eligibility, funding priorities, and competitive criteria for the last round, please review the FY18 Program Description and visit the Application Page.   

Administering an Awarded Grant

Resources for current grantees including important dates, requisition, amendment, and closeout instructions are available on the Grant Administrators Page.