2018 Fall Issue International Tourism Media Coverage

26 October 2018

Highlights of recent international media coverage of Vermont and our tourism partners include:

  • CBC Radio featured a story that describes an additional resource to strengthen the partnership between Quebec and Vermont, in the "International culinary trail aims to connect Quebec, Vermont and beyond".
  • The program "TV Japan Club" features destinations, people, and attractions in the US and Canada every Friday. TV Japan is a cable TV network for the Japanese that live in the US and Canada and has more than 80,000 households, (about 250,000 people) as subscribers. The cable channel is also available in all major hotel rooms (about 160,000 rooms) in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, DC, Hawaii and other major US cities.
  • The New Zealand Herald ran a story highlighting all of Vermont’s seasons in addition to focusing on our outdoors activities, food, and of course, Bernie Sanders.
  • In the U.K., we saw coverage in the Trip Reporter which put the spotlight on Vermont’s green adventures.
  • Cathy Pacific’s inflight magazine made the case for Montpelier as one of America’s most underrated state capitals.
  • Spartacus is home to international Gay travelers and they highlighted the Moose Meadow Lodge in their summer issue.

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