Brownfield Revitalization Fund – State Program Awards

The Brownfields Revitalization Fund is used to fund clean-up projects at brownfield sites that can show transformational economic development outcomes. These are the awards that have been made to date:

157 South Champlain Street, LLC
  • Location: Burlington
  • Award: $238,500
  • Purpose: Work to infill redevelopment of a .25 acre blighted site that has been vacant for decades.
  • Anticipated outputs:  48 units of housing (10 affordable/38 market rate) meeting Burlington and Efficiency VT energy standards; will include car share and EV parking spots.
Charest Alpinism, LLC
  • Location: Burlington
  • Award: $264,641
  • Purpose: Petra Cliffs expansion; construction of a new 13,000 sq ft facility.
  • Anticipated outputs: 59 Full-time employees. Operator will provide educational opportunities including discounts, scholarships and free experiences to underserved and underrepresented communities, and expand youth summer camps and service to local educational institutions.
Connor Brothers Redevelopment Company, LLC
  • Location: Montpelier
  • Award: $400,000
  • Purpose: Redevelopment of a vacant 15,000 sq ft former granite shed.
  • Anticipated outputs: Working toward finding and finalize a lease agreement with a new tenant.
Heineberg Properties, LLC
  • Location: Colchester
  • Award: $323,198
  • Purpose: Redevelop of vacant former dry cleaner site to create new storage units and solar array.
  • Anticipated outputs:  Significantly contaminated property in a mixed-use area that hasn't historically befitted from brownfield funding.  Human, health and safety threats will be mitigated as contamination plume will migrate off-site.  Supports Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy energy goals.  Documented need for storage units in the area and two full time employees.
Nedde Pine, LLC
  • Location: Burlington
  • Award: $45,000
  • Purpose: Construction of 49-unit/9 story housing development in the designated downtown.
  • Anticipated outputs: 49 units of housing (10 affordable and 2 for those who have experienced homelessness), 36 full time employees, solar array, stormwater catchment chambers, and electric vehicle charging stations.
Windham & Windsor Housing Trust
  • Location: Rockingham
  • Award: $202,872
  • Purpose: Redevelopment of a blighted downtown building as part of the active revitalization effort.
  • Anticipated outputs: 27 units of affordable housing; ADA access and parking as required.  Decrease homelessness with 5 units intended to serve this specific population.
City of Winooski
  • Location: Winooski
  • Award: $78,401
  • Purpose: Construction of a parking garage with offices and hotel above on vacant site in a developed portion of Winooski's designated downtown.
  • Anticipated outputs: 80 hotel room to support travel/tourism/hospitality sector, office space to support 160 jobs, and .895 acres mitigated.
Coop Hill, LLC
  • Location: Brattleboro
  • Award: $117,990
  • Purpose: Expansion for Hidden Springs Maple; redevelopment of site includes new construction of a processing and shipping facility on the undeveloped portion of the site.
  • Anticipated outputs: Current facility will become warehousing for bulk syrup and packaging storage. 12 full-time employees and 4.21 acres mitigated.

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