Vermont has a unique network of organizations that works to marshal resources to build and maintain housing across the state. These include State Agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit developers and quasi-governmental organizations. The Department of Housing and Community Development works with all of them in some capacity to ensure resources are used efficiently and housing needs are being addressed. Below you can find more information about partner organizations.

Resources And Rules

Vermont has a wide range of programs, protections and resources to ensure the state's housing is safe, decent, and affordable to all. 

Resources for Homeowners

Information about financing homes and mobile homes, down payment assistance, getting help with a mortgage, making home repairs, and help to stay in your home. COVID Housing Assistance Programs.

Housing Division Rules

Housing photo
For easy reference, the key statutes, rules and regulations, and recent legislation that govern mobile homes and mobile home parks can be accessed below.  Rules for the charitable housing tax credit administered by DHCD are also provided.

Housing Division Rules

Effective July 1, 2016. 

Rules Cover (pdf)

State Plans, Data and Rules

Three major planning activities are conducted by the State in connection with its receipt of federal funding for housing and community development activities.  These plans are developed with public input and further the State’s goals to provide decent, affordable housing, and build strong communities.


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