ThinkVermont Innovation Grant Program FAQs

Is this grant only for non-profits?  No.  This grant is open to non-profit and for-profit entities that have solutions to help accelerate small business growth in Vermont.

Can I submit more than one application?  Yes.  An applicant can submit more than one application provided the applications are for different projects.

Do the “letters of support / letter of commitment” count toward the page total of our application?  No.  They will not count toward the “3 double-sided / 6 single-sided” pages.

Does the applying organization have to be based in Vermont?  No, but the project must be based in Vermont and help accelerate the growth of Vermont’s small businesses.

Can we apply for more than $20,000?  Yes, however preference will be given to projects applying for $20k and under.

Where do I send my application?  Applications must be emailed to no later than 4pm EST on December 7th.

Can matching funds be in the form of an in-kind donation?  No.

How long do we have to complete the project?  1 year, starting from the date the grant agreement is finalized.

I’m not in one of the industries listed.  Can I still apply?  Yes, if your project works to support a project in one of the six identified areas you can apply.  Those areas are listed below:

  1. Provide workforce training and recruitment (not eligible for state or federal funding);
  2. Establish or enhance a facility (co-working, makerspace, innovations center, etc.);
  3. Enable or support broadband telecommunication access;
  4. Leverage federal funding (such as Small Business Innovation Research [SBIR] grants);
  5. Support growth in Aerospace, Aviation, or Aviation Technology; or
  6. Provide technical assistance to growing Vermont businesses.

* This FAQ is subject to revision.

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