Regional Marketing and Recruitment Grant Program

What is the program?

The ACCD Regional Marketing and Recruitment Grant Program comprises $80,000 approved by the Vermont Legislature to provide grants to organizations to support their efforts and activities related to workforce, marketing, or tourism related projects. The grants are intended to enable regional organizations to establish or expand partnerships, campaigns, and initiatives that will attract businesses and out-of-state visitors, and/or encourage potential residents to relocate to Vermont’s regions.

What are the goals?

Grant funds are intended to increase the ability of regional organizations to work with partners to attract more visitors and potential residents to Vermont. Resulting marketing efforts will enhance and extend existing state marketing and recruitment initiatives.

Eligible projects

Eligible projects will:

  • Expand existing or create new marketing efforts to attract visitors and potential residents.
  • Establish regional partnerships to collectively attract visitors and potential residents.
  • Have a regional emphasis.
  • Connect themselves to existing statewide campaigns.
  • Be designed to remain in place for an extended period.

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants include chambers of commerce, regional development corporations, young professionals networks, downtown organizations, municipal economic development/community development departments and committees, business organizations, new neighbor organizations, or other similar groups.

Eligible uses of grant monies

  • Development of materials designed to support workforce, marketing, or tourism-related projects through advertising, promotion, publicity, events, online resources and other activities or collateral specifically designed to provide regional information to visitors and potential new residents.
  • Greater participation in statewide efforts such as Stay to Stay Weekends;
  • Eligible expenses can include onsite activation costs, meeting food, venue space, mileage reimbursement.

NOTE: Grant monies must be used for comprehensive, long-term efforts and not one-time events.

Additional considerations

Additional consideration will be given to:

  • Proposals that are made jointly by a combination of eligible applicants.
  • Projects that emphasize partnership development to create regional networks whose collaboration will improve marketing efforts in the region.
  • Priority will be given to proposals originating from areas of Vermont not included in the Burlington-South Burlington Labor Market Area.

Additional requirements

Proposed projects must:

  • Be a concerted, ongoing effort.
  • Demonstrate how the project utilizes and extends the effectiveness of current state marketing efforts.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of four measurable results and provide baseline metrics.
  • Provide a detailed description explaining how the project will track the return on investment and campaign/event success for grant expenditures. 

Any marketing collateral and digital materials must include ACCD branding and must link to where appropriate.

Funding considerations and requirements

Multi-year proposals will be accepted. No single award will exceed $20,000.

Applicants must provide 1:1 matching funds in the amount of the grant request. In-kind matches are not eligible. Proposals that include funding from additional sources must itemize those funds and provide letters of commitment from funding sources. Funds from State of Vermont entities may not be included in matching funds.

Grant awardees must submit to ACCD by December 1, 2020 a report with examples of materials developed, initiatives implemented, and outcomes. The report should include documentation of expenses, an accounting of what matching funds were used for, and the amount of funds leveraged from other participating entities.

Evaluation criteria

Priority in all awards shall be given in the following order of preference:

  1. Projects that make creative use of business and regional partnerships.
  2. Projects that enhance or expand existing state marketing initiatives.
  3. Projects that have a demonstrable component of long-term sustainability.
  4. Projects that will provide a deliverable within six months.
  5. Projects that originate from areas of Vermont not included in the Burlington-South Burlington Labor Market Area.
  6. Projects that leverage other sources of capital.
  7. Projects that maximize the use of local suppliers and/or labor.

Timeline & Application process

Deadline for applications is February 15, 2020. If grant monies are not fully expended, the application period may be reopened.

Applicants shall submit grant proposals via email to Proposals should be no more than 3 double-sided (or 6 single-sided) pages, and should include the following elements:

  • Contact information.
  • Project overview (100-word count).
  • Description of project objectives.
  • Timeline for project completion.
  • Narrative describing the perceived impacts of the project and how they align with the goals of the program. Please include what measures you would use to evaluate success (should be data driven).
  • Budget for how grant money will be used to fulfill project objective(s).
  • Proof of matching funds (letter of commitment).
  • Letter(s) of support.

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