Act 157 VEGI Policy Review

The Vermont Economic Progress Council (VEPC) was charged by the General Assembly with reviewing several policy questions related to the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive Program (VEGI). The VEPC Board divided into two subcommittees and included a representative from the regional development corporations. Each subcommittee reviewed four questions. The review process occurred between July and December 2016, and the report was submitted to the General Assembly on January 15, 2017. 

Report:  Review of Policy Questions Related to the VEGI Program


Act 157, Section H.13 (Legislative Charge) (pdf)
VEPC Subcommittees (pdf)
Legislative History of VEGI Program (pdf)

Presenter Information:

Contributor List (pdf)

Contributor Documents:

Betsy Bishop
Representative Cynthia Browning
Cairn Cross
Darcy Carter
Representative Susan Davis
​Rebecca Ellis
Ellen Kahler
Kirby Keeton
​Christopher Lyon
Peter Murray
Christine Oliver
Jordan Robare
Linda Rossi
Tom Rugg
Regional Development Corporations of Vermont
Rob Stewart: Issue 6Issue 8

Audio of Subcommittee Meetings

July 28 Subcommittee - A (mp3)
July 28 Subcommittee - B (mp3)
August 25 Subcommittee - A  and B (mp3)
September 22 Subcommittee - A and B (mp3)
November 3 Subcommittee - A and B (mp3)

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