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If you are like most businesses, finding the time, staff or knowledge necessary to successfully market your products or services to the government is a challenge. VT PTAC makes it easier.Client Photo

Does my business qualify for the VT PTAC program?

To be eligible to work with VT PTAC, you must:

  • Have the potential to sell to the government.
  • Be registered with the State of Vermont.
  • Have Internet accessibility on-site.

Are there any goods or services that the government does not purchase?

The government buys virtually everything, but there are some limitations. If you have questions about your product or service and wether there is a market please call us today (802) 828-5237.

I have a new business, where should I start?
Contact your regional Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) is available to help you in a variety of ways.  Find out how.

Ready to become a VT PTAC client? Registration is free and easy.

After becoming a VT PTAC client, it’s time to get started.

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