Worker Relocation Grant Program

Since 2018, the Vermont Legislature has created three different relocation incentives, awarding $1,780,000 to attract new residents to the state and grow the workforce and provide support to Vermont employers. In total, these three programs have assisted 435 new workers and their families to live and work in Vermont.  

These new Vermonters are enjoying all this little state has to offer; some are returning to live closer to friends and family while others are enjoying access to outdoor recreation and a safe environment to live a raise a family. Whether leaving the big city to live and work remotely or relocating to work for one of Vermont’s Innovative businesses, these workers are enjoying all the perks of living in the Green Mountain State. All funding made available by these three programs has been awarded. 

To build upon the success of previous efforts, the Vermont Legislature passed new legislation in 2022 to create a fourth relocation program. The new program is in development and the details will be different than previous programs. 

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