Windham County Economic Development Program

The closure of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power caused a significant economic impact to Windham County. To mitigate those impacts and through a Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Vermont and Entergy, the company agreed to provide $2 million per year for five years (2014-2018) to the State of Vermont “to promote economic development in Windham County.”  These funds are administered by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD), in cooperation with the Windham County Economic Development Program Advisory Council (Advisory Council), through a program known as the Windham County Economic Development Program (WCEDP).

The WCEDP promotes economic development in Windham County by providing funds to stimulate job creation through business start-up, expansion, or relocation. Additionally, the program encourages entrepreneurial activity, and the strengthening of economic development infrastructure to ensure a strong foundation for transformational economic activity.

The primary focus of the program is private-sector job creation/retention and direct support of entrepreneurial activities. Followed by economic development systems and activities that encourage an entrepreneurial, innovative, and business start-up environment and culture.

The $10 million foundation of the program has been deployed. However, through program income, funds are still available for projects that meet program parameters.



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