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The Vermont Training Program (VTP) has been offering performance-based workforce training grants for over 30 years.  The VTP provides up to 50% of the training cost for: pre-employment, new hire, and/or incumbent employee training.  Grants are paid out on a reimbursement basis upon completion of employee training. 

Vision and Goals

The Vermont Training Program will be a flexible, nimble, and strategic workforce development program to enhance the skills of the Vermont workforce and increase productivity of Vermont employers.  


  • The VTP is open to all sectors of the Vermont economy.  Priority is placed on the twelve "Vermont 2020" CEDS target sectors.  Learn more here.
  • Trainees must be full-time permanent employees working in Vermont
  • Grants are offered for pre-employment training (with guaranteed hire post-training), new employee training, and incumbent employees
  • Employers and training providers must show that the use of VTP funds supplement training efforts, not replace or supplant training efforts
  • Training shall be directly related to the employment responsibilities of the employee
  • VTP funds shall not duplicate other state and/or federal funds for employee training
  • Employee compensation (hourly wage), at the completion of training, must equal or exceed the livable wage as defined by the Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office (JFO). Currently set at $13.06 per hour
  • Employees must be offered a minimum of three of the following employee benefits: health insurance (w/ 50% or more of the premium paid by the employer), dental assistance, paid vacation, paid holidays, child care, retirement benefits, other paid time off excluding paid sick days, other extraordinary employee benefits.

Application Process

Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.  The VTP Staff are available to visit potential applicants and have a more in-depth discussion regarding the application and employee training needs. 

Applications are reviewed by the VTP Review Team. The general turn-around time is 18 business days.


** Please note: The grant agreement must be signed before training begins.

The VTP may fund up to 50% of wages for each employee in training (on-site training) or up to 50% of the trainer expenses (classroom/vendor fee). Costs associated with travel, materials, equipment, consulting/coaching, and/or course development will not be considered.

The VTP is open to all sectors of the Vermont economy. When reviewing applications, the VTP is placing first priority on the following CEDS defined target sectors and related skills:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Food Systems
  • Forest Products
  • Health Care
  • Software Development & IT
  • Biotechnology
  • Clean Energy, Efficiency & Electricity Innovation
  • Environmental Consulting, Green Business & Building                                                      

Secondary priority will be placed on the remaining CEDS defined target sectors and related skills:

  • Arts & Culture    
  • Education    
  • Tourism & Recreation

The VTP welcomes businesses that fall within these sectors or are training employees in skills related to these sectors.  For example, a media company does not fall within one of the twelve priority sectors.  However, they may have a training project that centers on training software development skills.  Because the skills trained fall within one of the 12 priority sectors, the training project would be considered.

To learn more about how the Vermont CEDS "Vermont 2020" defines these sectors please see this quick reference guide (CEDS definitions). 

Business Application Focus

Applications to the VTP should focus on a new specific and strategic/innovative employee training project.  Applications should have a targeted approach rather than a broad brush.  The more specific you can be about the proposed training project the better. 

Training Projects can relate to a new and/or innovative:

  • Product
  • Equipment
  • Technology Processes
  • Market Opportunity
  • Significant Productivity Grain

The VTP is aware that what is new or innovative for one company may not be the same for others.  Feel free to be in touch with the VTP staff to discuss specific employee training needs.

Examples of a training project may be:

“An advanced manufacturing company is developing a new product.  The company applied for employee training in order to train Vermont staff in production and marketing of the new product.  Without the VTP funds, these functions would be outsourced.  The application included classroom/vendor training and upgrade training for incumbent employees.”

“A bioscience firm is considering the purchase of a new piece of diagnostic equipment.  The purchase will allow the company to significantly increase productivity and move into a new area of the market.  The firm applied for vendor training associated with the equipment, and lean manufacturing training that would identify the new value stream and ensure it is as efficient as possible.”

Additional priority will be placed on applications that show:

  • New Hires
  • Retained Employees
  • Wage Increases for Employees
  • Significant Investment in the Long-Term Success of the Company in Vermont

The VTP staff is always happy to be in contact with you to discuss specific employee training needs and questions.



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