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Regional Project Prioritization

Regional Project Prioritization (RPP) lists are developed by Regional Development Corporations (RDCs) to identify projects of priority and importance in the region using input from Regional Planning Commissions, municipalities, partners, and communities. Input is gathered through wide engagement via newsletters, public meetings, and convenings.

The 12 RDCs in Vermont adhere to the fair and neutral Regional Priority Project Process to solicit projects for identification as a Regional Priority Project. Projects identified in the Regional Project Prioritization lists may support business retention and expansion, create programs that encourage job creation and workforce development, expand access to high-speed broadband, and implement new or innovative economic development practices. Projects on the Regional Project Prioritization lists are eligible for up to 5 points (out of 100 possible points) when applying for Northern Border Regional Commission Economic & Infrastructure Development funding.

The State of Vermont hopes that the information provided in the Regional Project Prioritization lists will prove useful when considering federal and state funding sources and community planning processes.

To discuss a potential project for consideration in your region, please contact your local Regional Development Corporation.

NBRC State Capacity grant funding supports the efforts of the RDCs to develop Regional Priority Project lists.