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Northern Border Regional Commission Seeks its first Executive Director, responsible for establishing a new organization governed by the NBRC Federal CoChair and the Governors of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York. The director is responsible for the administrative and fiscal management of a nearly $20 million annual budget and for executing the NBRC strategic plan. This position manages critical operations that provide development and growth opportunities for communities in the region. Eligible for remote work within NBRC region. Click here for more information and to apply.

The Northern Border Regional Commission, (NBRC) invests in community and economic development projects in economically distressed counties across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. In Vermont, six counties are included in the NBRC eligible service territory: Essex, Orleans, Caledonia, Lamoille, Franklin, and Grand Isle.

Eligible applicants include public or non-profit entities and applications for grant funding can focus on projects in any of the following program areas: 

•    Transportation infrastructure
•    Basic public infrastructure
•    Telecommunications infrastructure
•    Workforce development, entrepreneurship and businesses and technology development
•    Resources and open space conservation, tourism and recreation
•    Renewable and alternative energy.

In the counties of Essex, Orleans, and Caledonia, projects for basic health care and other public services are also eligible.

It is highly advised that all interested applicants submit a Letter of Notification to Apply by March 30, 2019, so that State Program Managers and Local Development Districts are aware of your project and can assist you better through the process.

Applications will be available in February 2019 at the NBRC’s website (

Note: For interested applicants, Vermont-specific scoring criteria.

Governor Scott is represented on the Commission by his chosen Alternate, Ted Brady, Deputy Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce & Community Development.  Secretary Brady details most NBRC partnership duties to Tim Tierney, NBRC Program Manager at the Agency.

If you have any questions about the Northern Border Regional Commission, please contact Vermont’s NBRC Program Manager, Tim Tierney 802-505-5496

Counties Servied by the NBRC

Counties Served by the NBRC

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