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Many foreign businesses choose Vermont for its affordable real estate, proximity to the highly-accessible port of Montreal, as well as its access to 80 million people within a half-day’s drive. Burlington’s International Airport has frequent one-hour flights to Toronto and New York and is only two hours to Chicago and Washington DC. More than a dozen smaller airports around the state service regional and private jet traffic. Vermont is part of a rail corridor that connects Canada to the rest of New England and New York with land that is adjacent to state-owned rail lines available at no cost to freight customers who may be seeking warehousing opportunities. 

Telecommunications- With broadband extending to 99 percent of households in Vermont and some of the fastest and least expensive gigabyte access in the nation, Vermont has a growing digital economy. Super-high speed access is available in many parts of the state and Forbes recently wrote about how Burlington, is one of the “Top 10 Tech Hubs” in the country.

Energy - Vermont enjoys the lowest energy rates in New England and recently, Green Mountain Power, the largest power provider in the state, reduced its rates by 2.46 percent.  For manufacturers in many parts of the state, access to natural gas through Vermont Gas’s pipeline or via NG Advantage provides significant cost savings on energy. A large amount of Vermont’s power comes from renewable resources and in 2015, Burlington became the first city in the United States to use 100% renewable energy. Vermont also has one of the most innovative and fastest growing renewable energy clusters in the United States with more solar jobs per capita than any state.  


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